If you're looking for an estate agent to promise you the earth and tell you only what you want to hear, you're in the wrong place. There are plenty of agents that can do that. At Noonan Residential we tell it like it is and always work in your best interests.

All of our team have had 'real life experience' and understand that buying and selling a home is emotional! From the reasons why you need to move in the first place to the disruption of viewings and keeping the house show home ready… you will go through many highs and lows before completion.

And agreeing a sale is just the start of the hard work! Buying or selling a house is stressful, let us not pretend otherwise. From the beginning to the very end, we will progress your property personally, ensuring the conveyancing process runs efficiently and achieves a successful completion.

Our sales staff look after only a handful of homes at a time, so our focus is on you and only you. Yes, we have our targets - but, unlike most agents, these don't drive us. Building long-term, supportive relationships with our customers is what we get out of bed for.

Our time and attention are our pledge to you and the sale of your home.