Forget location, location, location - in lettings, it can feel like legislation, legislation, legislation.

But don't worry! We know exactly what becoming a landlord is like and these days it's an increasingly complicated process. There are special mortgage requirements, legal standards to meet and certain steps you must take to make sure your tenant - and property - are both protected.

When you're handing over the management of a property in which you have a significant amount of money invested, you'll want to make sure your property is in the safest pair of hands.

Noonan Residential are fully regulated and, unlike with unlicensed agents, we are audited annually so your money is fully protected. As members of ARLA, we can offer advice on all the latest developments to guide you through these challenging times.

We're honest - We'll give you the kind of honest advice that you might not always expect to hear from an agent - like it's better to have an empty property than the wrong tenant or if we don't think somewhere is the right investment for you.

Above all, we will support you - We built our business on word of mouth. People recommend us because they like us and know we're 100% behind them and get the job done.

Unlike other agents, when we match a person with a home it is the start - not the end - of our relationship. We pride ourselves on always being there for our customers - a listening ear and someone you can trust no matter what.

So come in, have a cup of tea, and tell us how we can help you best.